Monday-Friday 7:00AM-3:30PM, Saturday-Sunday 8AM-3PM

Where is Henry?

Established in 2013, Where is Henry? is located in the classical heritage building in Malvern that once housed Henry's Cafe. While quite a few of the vintage structural elements of building have been preserved, the space has been transformed into a funky and eclectic cafe. The food is created from fresh, high quality, and locally sourced ingredients, and it is served up in a relaxed, retro-style atmosphere.

The menu, like the cafe itself, offers a fusion between the old and the new. There is a range of brunch options, as well as some modern twists on classic sandwiches and salads. Where is Henry? also features coffee roasted by Symmetry Coffee Roaster-the house blend is available daily, and Single Origins rotate weekly.

We also have a catering service for function too. Please contact us for more information.